How We Can All Show Up For Racial Justice
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How We Can All Show Up For Racial Justice

In light of the recent disturbing and pivotal moments happening across the country, namely the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others, AfterShokz is stepping into the fight for racial equity with intention and an open mind—and most importantly, with a plan for moving forward that we’re proud to share here.

We acknowledge that we haven’t always been a voice in conversations surrounding social issues, but we’re making a commitment to change that today. We’re taking this unprecedented moment in our history to answer the call for allyship, activism, and acceptance for everyone, and if you haven’t already, we encourage you to do the same. It starts with us––all of us. 

Steps We’re Taking As A Team: 

Increasing Diversity: AfterShokz is actively planning diversity training for all current team members, and including diversity training in new hire orientations going forward. We’ll continue to make diversity a priority in our recruitment process, including clearly stating our commitment to diversity and inclusion within our job descriptions and career page. 

Employee Accountability: We will be adding an Anti-Racism policy within our company to encourage a greater focus on such a prevalent issue. We will be encouraging our employees to exercise their right to vote on election days by making sure they have access to registration tools and are paid during the time that they are voting. We are committed to finding even more ways we can encourage and promote the voices of our team members within the business. 

Marketing Initiatives: We’re committed to using our platform to educate and elevate the voices of marginalized groups through our marketing efforts. We have added a social action/human interest category to our blog and social channels, as well as ensuring our assets, including those on our website and social media feeds remain diverse and speak to everyone. We promise to work with athletes, ambassadors, and influencers who represent a variety of backgrounds. 

Steps You Can Take Yourself: 

Making the choice to speak out and act against injustices begins with an educational foundation. Discovering ways to inform yourself and making the decision to act based on that knowledge is the responsibility of each and every one of us. 

Educational Resources To Utilize: 

Read: There’s no shortage of articles and books revolving around this topic! We would recommend reading How to Be an Ally to the Black Running Community, Running While Black: Our Readers Respond, or White Fragility for a longer read.       

Watch: Many streaming services have made a point to highlight educational films and documentaries surrounding the BLM movement. Some we recommend would be 13th or When They See Us on Netflix or The Hate U Give on Hulu. 

Listen: Many podcast hosts have been centering episodes around social justice issues and BLM in particular. We would recommend listening to these podcast episodes on your next run: White Privilege in the Wellness Industry, The Importance of the Nationwide Protests Over George Floyd's Death, and Not Just Another Protest

Actions You Can Take:

Donate: If you have the means to do so, please consider donating to a legitimate organization connected to the Black Lives Matter movement. Some we would recommend are Thousand Currents, Know Your Rights Camp, or Campaign Zero, or research local organizations to donate to in your community. 

Protest: Looking for ways to get involved in community events? Check out Facebook events around you or Google “Black Lives Matter protests in [your city]” for the most up-to-date information. 

Support: One way to continue the movement is by making a conscious effort to support Black-owned businesses, not just now, but forever. Check out this list of online Black-owned businesses, or this directory from Official Black Wall Street for an easy way to find exactly what you want and start shopping!  

Ways To Keep the Conversation Going: 

Follow: Take a look at your Instagram feed. Does it represent a diverse range of body types, races, topics, and ideas? If not, it may be time to follow some new voices. Here are a few Black fitness influencers to follow who are leading conversations: Lita Lewis, Justin Williams, and Simone Manuel

Share: Start a dialogue with friends and family members about why this movement is such an important one to understand and support. These kinds of conversations can be difficult to have, however, so we’d recommend reading one of these articles to get an idea of where to start: How to Talk to Relatives Who Care More About Looting Than Black Lives or How To Talk To Your Parents About Black Lives Matter. 

Do you have other ideas on how we can continue to show up for racial justice? Share with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter